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Golfboende 7 nätter inklusive Daglig Obegränsad Greenfee

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Rabatt Golf Green Fee Golfpaket ENDAST 240 EURO för 4 golfbanor

Rabatt Cannes Golf Värdepaket: 4 kurser (4 rundor): 240 €. St Donat, Opio-Valbonne, Grand Bastide, Claud Amic, Taulane (+ € 10 euro)Rabatt Riviera Golf Värde Paket: 3 dagar (3 rundor): € 135 (Nov-Mar), € 165 (apr-okt) & 5 dagar: € 225. (Apr-okt) € 275 (nov-mar) Saint Endreol, Barbaroux, Esterel, Sainte Maxime, RoquebruneRabatt Cannes Riviera Exclusive Golfpaket: 2 kurser (2 rundor): 162 €, extra rundor 80 €. Old Course Cannes, Riviera Golf ClubGolf Academy: vid Cannes-Mougins, som också är den närmaste golfbanan till Cannes centrum

Destination Cannes French Riviera

Cannes - A Top Ranked International Destination

For several decades tourism has developed a strong cosmopolitan nature. Located 25 minutes from Nice international airport, it is the city of festivals and conventions, a paradise for shoppers, the capital of the 7th art and a tourist city par excellence boasting extraordinary facilities. If Cannes today is one of the global capitals of tourism and business trips, it also boasts an extraordinary natural setting, but also a long tradition of welcoming visitors, successfully combining professional skills and technical infrastructures to make the city a trusted and attractive destination. The natural beauty of the place, combined with a comprehensive range of accommodation, including top-end hotels in its Old Port, on its famous Croisette, or its old town with its Italian flavor, or Rue d’Antibes. where luxury and elegance combine, are all assets which make Cannes an unbeatable destination. The main business tourism city after Paris, it has built its reputation on know-how and top end amenities which make it a competitive destination loved by some of the biggest international events.

Staying with us in the heart of The Croisette

With its luxury boutiques, palace hotels and Palais des Festivals, has bestowed prosperity and international fame on Cannes. But the city has not forgotten its popular origins. Le Suquet (Suquet district) and the Vieux Port (Old Port) continue to embody Provencal authenticity in the very heart of the most cosmopolitan of cities. Indeed, there might be more yachts and motorboats moored at the Quai Saint-Pierre, the birthplace of Cannes’ first port, built in 1838, than fisherman’s boats. However, the latter have not forgotten a thousand-year-old tradition: fish is still caught out in the Bay of Cannes. To prove it: visit the richly laden stalls of the Marché Forville. Inaugurated in 1870, these canvas-covered constructions were quickly nicknamed the “belly of Cannes”, so important was their place in the daily life of the Cannes people. Come and taste fresh products with Mediterranean flavors in our restaurants next to the beach. Light and airy spaces between sun and sea which promise serenity and intense pleasure.

There’s nowhere quite like Cannes

It is a trendy destination. A holiday location prized by the great and good of this world. There may be others! But there’s something about Cannes that makes it unique. It has a soul. Quite simply because it is steeped in history dating back nearly one thousand years. A history made from numerous fragments that it has preserved intact. In 1915 it was classified as a seaside resort by ministerial decree. These fragments are often scenes of daily life. A “pointu” fishing boat coming into the port, a market stall in Forville, a lane in the Suquet district, a game of pétanque on the Place de l’Etang a stone’s throw from the chic buildings on the Croisette, a climb up the steps of the Palais. These fragments are also its small architectural treasures. Precious, medieval or Belle Epoque stones. Some shine ostentatiously such the palace hotels on the Croisette, Fort Royal on Sainte-Marguerite, Abbaye de Lérins on Ile Saint Honorat, the Tour Carrée in the Le Suquet district, the Russian church at the entrance to Californie district.


“Do you want to discover Cannes? Get up at 5-am and come fishing with us in the bay of Cannes! “ Maurice, a fisherman in Cannes for 30 years. A maritime facet not to be missed: Kite surfing, rafting, parascending, pedalos, jet skis, diving or just walking on the beach… The Big Blue has something for everyone.

Discover the best addresses in Cannes!

Le îles de Lérins – Beautiful Mediterranean Islands to Visit The îles de Lérins islands offer visitors intriguing walks, an astonishing combination of nature, history and spirituality. A short boat ride from the Croisette, opposite Cannes Bay, the Lérins Islands are a welcoming sight. Enjoying an unspoilt natural setting, these beauty spots in the Mediterranean offer visitors a unique combination of flora and fauna as well as an unusual history that includes the mysteries of the Man in the Iron Mask and the calm of Cistercian monks. There is a lot to explore and the boat is waiting: Come on board!

Le Suquet – Old Town

The hill of Le “Suquet” is the birthplace of Cannes. We advised you to start the visit in the old town. You can reach the old city by different routes, on steep roads intertwined with sinuous and picturesque staircases where the pedestrian is king. Visit the ramparts, the Musée de la Castre, the Tour Carrée and the church. Admire the view over the city, the port, la Croisette and the Lérins Islands. At the foot of the old city lies the bay of Cannes with the Forville market and the typical shops around (butchers, charcuteries, fishmongers, bakers, cellarers…). Facing Le Suquet, the Old Port, the oldest part of which, the “Quai St Pierre”, dates back to 1838, and welcomes the old rigs and yachts. The Royal Regattas'departure takes place from this port, in September.

Sainte Marguerite

Fort Royal. The origin of this vast complex of fortifications dates back to the 17th century with the construction of the first château. It was occupied by the Spanish during the 30-year War who made it into a citadel. Returned to France, it became a State Prison then Vauban, the most famous of the Louis XIV’s military engineers, made it into one of the most beautiful forts on the Mediterranean coast. However, the building owes it current fame to another contemporary of the Sun King: the famous Man in the Iron Mask. For a quarter of a century, the fortress has housed the Musée de la Mer (Sea Museum).

Saint Honorat

Searching for a spiritual retreat? or just fancy a 100% nature break? Head for Saint-Honorat , the smaller of the two lérins isla nds . People come here to enjoy the peace and quiet, tranquil walks by the sea, smell of the eucalyptus, sound of bird song or the cicadas in the pines. They make wine in Cannes. And what’s more, it’s rather good! It’s the work of the monks at the Abbaye de Lérins on the Ile de Saint- Honorat who planted eight hectares of vines: chardonnay, clairette, syrah, pinot noir, mourvèdre.


A cultural facet not to be missed: The Musée de la Mer on the Iles de Lérins, on Île sainte Marguerite, opens the doors to the cell of a prisoner who is both famous and misunderstood: The man in the iron mask A cinema facet not to be missed: A photo on the famous steps of the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes, after following the route of the stars on the Croisette.

Musée de la Castre et sa tour carré

Located in the hills of Old Cannes, in the ruins of the medieval château of the Lérins monks, and where the Tour Carrée (the castle keep) and Chapelle Sainte-Anne are classified as historical monuments, the Musée de la Castre overlooks the Croisette, the bay and the Lérins Islands. A series of small rooms surrounded by gardens display collections of art by local painters and items from Oceania, the Americas and the Himalayas, plus a wealth of Mediterranean antiquities and pre-Colombian ceramics. Location: Place de la Castre - Le Suquet Suquet.

Centre d'art la Malmaison

Situated on La Croisette, La Malmaison now hosts three major exhibitions a year. It regularly pays tribute to renowned painters such as Matisse, Ozenfant and Picasso, for whom the French Riviera was an infinite source of inspiration, and internationally renowned 20th- and 21st-century artists such as Miró and César. The intimate setting and the charming proportions of the rooms in the house ensure that these prestigious contemporary collections are displayed to their best advantage. Location: 47 la Croisette.

Musee de la Mer

The Maritime Museum is located in the oldest part of the Fort Royal on Sainte Marguerite, a listed historic monument, overlooking the sea and surrounded by pine and eucalyptus forests. You can explore the State prison and the cell of the Man in the Iron Mask where the mysterious prisoner was imprisoned for eleven years, the murals and also the underwater archaeological finds from the Roman wrecks. Location: Quai Laubeuf - Fort de l’île Sainte-Marguerite.

Espace Miramar

Espace Miramar is located on the ground floor of the former “Palais Miramar” hotel on the corner of Rue Pasteur and Boulevard de La Croisette. It is a cultural venue for temporary exhibitions dedicated to photography and the visual arts. Location: Boulevard de la Croisette.


A whole range of nighttime activities is on offer in THE city of the French Riviera. Cannes is THE city of Festivals. All year round it hosts a series of great events. Sporting, cultural, leisure, evening: an events programme of dazzling diversity. Every year it hosts numerous professional events and a multitude of corporate events. Is it recipe for success? An exceptional setting, a unique concentration of shops, hotels, and restaurants plus one of the most beautiful congress infrastructures in Europe. A legacy of the Palais Croisette, the Palais des Festivals connects the Croisette to the Old Port. An idyllic setting that few competitors can boast: by the sea and in the heart of the city!

Event Schedule

Le Festival International des Jeux

Le Cannes Shopping Festival

Performance d’acteur
Jumping international de Cannes

Plages Electroniques
Nuits Musicales du Suquet

Festival International de la Pyrotechnie

Jazz à Domergue
Festival Pantiero
Festival de l’Art Russe

Festival International de la Plaisance
Régates Royales

Vendanges de Cannes

November (biennial)
Festival International de Danse


A break after shopping, after work or during a romantic stay. Enjoy the spas on offer in some of the best hotels in the city of Cannes. Thermal Cures, Thalassotherapy or Spa ... What if you decided to treat yourself? Cannes is a natural well-being destination thanks to its mild climate, the sunshine, the beauty of the landscape and its location on the Mediterranean sea. Tha sea being a living and beneficial element, Cannes offers you to test these specific treatments, rich in trace elements to restore your energy, your muscle tone, peace, and calmness. You will also discover various ways to revitalize your body or simply to relax. Freshwater treatments, massages, sauna or hamman, you are sure to find the good treatment to suit you!


33 Beaches in Cannes

Bijou Plage Plage de la Croisette N° 3 http://www.bijouplagecannes.com
L' Ecrin Plage Boulevard de la Croisette N°4 http://www.ecrinplage.com
Plage du Soleil Boulevard de la Croisette N°5 http://www.plagesoleil.com
Les Dunes Plage de la Croisette N° 6 http://www.plagelesdunes.com
Z Plage 73 boulevard de la Croisette Plage du Martinez N°7 http://www.concorde-hotel.com/martinez
Seaside Plage Plage de la Croisette N°8 http://www.plageseasidecannescroisette.com
Miramar Beach 64 boulevard de la Croisette N°9 http://www.miramar-plage.com
Croisette Beach Boulevard de la Croisette N°10 http://www.croissettebeach.com

Cannes Watersports

In the summer, the pontoons on La Croisette, Boulevard Jean Hibert and the ‘Plages du Midi’ are centres for towed water sports. If you are an experienced water skier or a beginner, if you would like to try parasailing, wake board, etc… pontoon operators will be delighted to arrange an outing. Most of the pontoons operate on weekends in June and September from 10 am to 6 pm and every day in summer from 10 am till around 7 pm. Discover all the best addresses in Cannes : Boats, catamarans, surf boards, kayak etc for hire... Boat hire without permit, daily or weekly hire, sailboats for a ride out to sea with skipper, towed water-sports, kite surf, stand up paddle, diving, swimmingpool...


Did you know? France’s first tennis court was built in 1879 in Cannes by Sir Thomas Robinson Woolfield. Tennis, horse riding, golf, water sports or winter sports? Whatever your preferences, Cannes is a delight for the eyes, with its fabulous scenery as a backdrop for your favorite sports. Indeed, as all Cannes residents will tell you: there are no better beauty products than the sun and the sea. The city is basically one great open-air spa. The preferred treatment of devotees of farniente: as dawn approaches, when the air becomes more tender, is simply to rest awhile on a chair on the Croisette, overlooking the beaches, gazing out across the bay and the Iles de Lerins. Bathing in nature, beauty, life to recharge your batteries, relax. Cannes is home to nearly one hundred beauty institutes offering the know-how of the greatest cosmetics laboratories. The offer is varied and original with no less than 3,000m² of thalassotherapy treatment in Cannes since 2009.

Indeed Cannes cultivates its nautical prowess all year round with its five ports (Saint-Pierre old port [650 moorings], Pierre Canto port [598 moorings, the first European port built specifically for yachting], Pointe Croisette port, Moure Rouge port and Béal harbour) and numerous water sports centres dotted along its shoreline. They offer jet skis, wake boards, stand-up paddles, sailing, diving or parascending to discover the Coast and the Iles de Lérins from a different perspective. Mediterranean blue might be the colour that dominates Cannes’ sporting life but another color regularly competes for the starring role: green. It comes in a bright, well-tended variety on the ten golf courses around the city of Cannes. Less than 20 minutes from the city, they stretch from the Bay of Cannes-Mandelieu as far as Valbonne-Mougins’ plain along the Grasse upper basin.

La Croix des Gardes

Walk up Avenue Jean de Noailles and you will arrive at the Croix des Gardes Nature Park and Forest, a recognised Sensitive Natural Site. La Croix des Gardes is right in the centre of the town of Cannes, less than 1km as the crow flies from the iconic Croisette. The 80 hectares of forest are now, for the most part, owned by the Coastal Conservatory, and managed by the Town of Cannes. La Croix des Gardes is the town's lungs, offering walkers a 360° view of Cannes. As you stroll through the forest, you will come across the path of the 5 belvederes (Maquis, Roquebillière, La Croix, Cèdre and Brougham), arranged to offer you different views over the Bay of Cannes, its islands, the Estérel Massif and the foothills of the Alpes d'Azur. You can also follow botanical trails through an arboretum featuring over 40 types of mimosa. Sporty visitors will enjoy the outdoor keep-fit trail. The 1.2-km circuit is dotted with exercise equipment. Free guided tours (minimum 8 people) Tel: 06 15 51 28 27 Boulevard de la Croix des Gardes Avenue Jean de Noailles 06400 Cannes.

Le Canal de la Siagne

The Siagne Canal was constructed in 1868 to supply the town of Cannes with water. From its source at Saint Cézaire, it winds its way down a gentle slope through the hills of the hinterland, ending up at the peak of La Californie in Cannes. From Mougins to the observatory in Super Cannes, the canal runs underground, creating a wide footpath. The delightful views of Cannes from the top of Avenue Ziem right to the Route de Vallauris has inspired many an artist. Then, from Avenue Bellini, the route threads its way through mimosa and eucalyptus trees and giant agaves before ending triumphantly with a dazzling panorama of Palm Beach Point and the Lérins Islands. Many years ago, this was a favourite itinerary of winter holidaymakers. Starting point: upper car park on Avenue Ziem Duration: 1 hr Parking haut de l'avenue Ziem 06400 Cannes.


2 Room Roof-Top Croisette Apartment in the Heart of Cannes

Our “Le Petit Maison” Condo Includes: Kitchen with State of Art Induction Cooktop, Nespresso Cappuccino-Latte Maker, Kitchen and Cooking Utensils, Iron, Ironing Board, 1 Bathroom with standing Shower and Washer and Dryer, 1 Bedroom with 1 King or 2 Twin Beds, 40 inch Top of Line LCD TV, Living room with 3 Designer Daybed Sofas where one can be made into a full-size bed, 51 Inch Plasma TV, Dining table with chairs. Cable TV with International Channels and Free Wireless Internet included.

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Whether you are a beginner or experienced player, you can try the most beautiful 18-hole courses around Cannes. There are 10 golf courses only a few kilometers from La Croisette so you can savor the pleasure of playing as much as you like in beautiful natural surroundings. The Golf Festival… is in Cannes!

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